010e834c59ee3d7e6afa806e47a1c189   Hollywood has always been a cage… a cage to catch our dreams.

It’s not up for discussion anymore, I am opening up and telling you the truth. The truth that turned into a lie, the lie now I must live. The continuation of the Chronicles has now set the plot and this is where is gets good. By good I mean ugly.   

This is the official prologues by the destruction of all things ugly made beautiful and not by Hollywood itself, by the one; Hollywood D.


Why all the melancholy? As of now my life has turned into a whirlwind of stress, detachment, depersonalization, and as the bitch of a therapist recently stated, “Your very flat”, as I sat down this beast that you might refer to as a therapist or a B*$ch, at least I do, cunningly interrupted my flat speech of reaching out which is hard for me, expressing emotion is the biggest challenge of it all. Yeah, I am “FLAT”.

When some woman is interrogating and psychoanalyzing me as if she has a PhD. in Psychology but in reality has a 2 year community college course which offers “training” not “Education.” I AM TAKING PYSHCOLOGY, so I was thinking hey you battered old fish, let me dish you out my way. I started to laugh, I could not help it, “Flat”, that is almost as good as it gets I will give you the climax of the “session” in just a moment before I rant about my point here. I still am laughing oh my god, it is funny because the way I was acting was extremely monotone, as if I was out of it, I do that on purpose to bore her to death to rate her b*$ch monitor scale, she scored about a 5 even though she feels as though she is a 12, she needs to stop telling herself things but she is the community college Therapist I am not so who am I to put my nickel in. Without a doubt, “Flat” was the most deliberate, unprofessional, condescending, undeniable articulation of a word from the dictionary a Free Service Therapist could ever say.

Let us all laugh together, wait for it.

FLAT (Definition) adjective

lacking interest or emotion; dull and lifeless.
““I’m sorry,” he said, in a monotonous toneless voice”

I am still laughing, holy geez, I couldn’t have said  it better myself. I looked at her, my personality began to pucker up a bit of this honest cow because I secretly wanted to hug her for making me want to laugh so hard at how it was admirable to point out the obvious to how I was saying things.

First off, how the hell did she know I knew she was going to be like any other free Service, dimwitted, quick to judge, quick to assess what she cannot assess due to her inability to conquest fear and intimidation to all patients. I pretended to be fearful and dull, don’t ask me why but I love to flatter those whom do not deserve flattering and give them the one two punch of the day, SURPRISE. You know, I got bored of giving and displaying solid truth and deliberate facts to these toxic pieces of waste, then getting them in trouble or perhaps not being able to stay in their practice but the past is the past right?

I am not spineless…….


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