17urbanwomanpotraitphotography3“The Devil teaches women what they are – or they would teach it to the Devil if he did not know.”
Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly


The Devil loves me. He is always around me. He tells me the way I should look, the way I should present myself. He teaches and tells me things for which I have had no recollection or had any knowledge. Some reason I am right. It was as if it was triggered by sensory impulses in the brain like an electric pulse, immediately I know the answer to the unknown. What is it that I channel, how powerful is this energy? I am driven to insanity because I am for God but I am constantly tormented by the Devil. I realized something very strange, to me anyways. That voice that is constantly mind chattering in your mind, telling you a whole bunch of mindless things, you always listen to this voice. It constantly changes your mind in a matter of seconds, it hosts your surrounding relationships, keeps you guarded, puts you down, reminds you of every single detail of your life and anything negative you ever did wrong. It laughs at you and mocks you, some of you may have or may have acknowledged this factor in us as human beings but this is what I have established; the voice inside your head is not you, it is……. The Deviljm3.

I know this sounds extreme or may come off to you as very strange but remember, truth is always stranger then fiction. As much as I hate the Truth, I must learn to accept the reality of this world we live in and learn to live with both god and the demons who are used as the Devils Puppet's.

They are not easily identified until you have encountered the inevitable life lessons that  are so harsh it feels gravely unfair and you begin to denounce ones faith in yourself as well as God.

There comes a moment in life where one detaches themselves away from their body because we do not wish to feel the pain, we begin to slowly detach ourselves from our core self. We begin to detach our souls away from our bodies, which we often do not realize the dangers in doing so. The darkness seems to have the most precious effects which consume the masses. The darkness itself appears to be light. A sovereign GOD.


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The darkness has an underlying paradox layered with two complete opposing obstructive oppositions. It captures our innate desire to percieve our conscious minds into the acceptance of altered perception. 


How could something bad look so good? I can do it to. 

This Disturbs Me []

[calign="aligncentre"]Altered Perception & Concept of Love

Sex is so cool everyone. Oh my god let's all get hepatitis A through Z. (But it looks so good) righhhhttt.

Let me just get on top of some random dude because my life was not so great growing up. And oh, I have daddy issues so it is justified.

I cannot complain about this one. It's sexy in a non subliminal way.

Like I said, the devil loves D. ❤️🌹🎶🦋


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