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I am…….MEtAtRON (Bi$%#s) WHAT NOW?- Re-Born Legend (Part I)

I had a vision, I felt the knocking, it would not stop. The voice shouted, “What are you afraid of?” I stood up trembling, weeping, ready for the death. I walked slowly the the door, growing fainter, the cold rush freezing more and more as I got nearer. The door seemed far from where I was, or so it seemed. The keys, I could not forget those, I rushed back without thinking, rather feeling. The knock this time did not terrify me, for this knock was not one of the unjust. I walked still slowly, the momentum kept me curious, what was I to lose? There was nothing to lose, there was all to gain. Some other unfamiliar but warm energy had knocked this time. “I deserve love.” I shouted. “I deserve my power back, that to which has been taken from me, that which belongs to me shall be given back and more, do not forsaken me.” Tears streaming down my face, I could not fathom what was actually in the midst of this moment for which I could not believe I had been chosen. “My door is open, come in, you are welcome.” The light embarked so brightly at just the creek of the opening to my door. “It is now, you know your calling, shall you choose to come to the light and leave the darkness?” I could not see who was there, I knew with my knees trembling the light to which very few are able to see. “I AM READY, I am to complete the purpose to that of enlightenment, for the collective, I am part of the solution, I authorize and have the power to be begot those who are part of the problem, they serve me no purpose. I will shed thy light from within so that all SHALL SEE, even the blind, if so they choose.” The door opened completely. The light filled inside of me, the hand took me, all I needed were my 3 keys, that is all I took. Wherever I was going, wherever this was all leading to, I knew. For I knew, I felt from every cell of my body, the other half as well, this was profound. “LOVE AWAITS YOU, IN ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY, VICTORY IN YOUR ENDURANCE, PEACE IN YOUR WAKING, AND MANY BLESSINGS.” I could see again, I could not remember the last time I could, most importantly, I was REBORN.


I smiled.


I cannot remember the last time I smiled.


I did not remember this.


Now My Soul is infinite.


Oh Father, you saved me.

“Dearest One, you know thy word, it is written, what is yours?”

Well, I do not have one as of this moment. I can declare that it is that which reflects you father.


“Creation, build, just be. What are your intentions?”


To be an example of love.


“From what I have taught you, life, which is the best teacher from down there, you have learned. Will you teach what I have tested you with, will you remember, will you forget me?”


I have learned father. I still have more work to do through the teaching of life, to which you have created. I keep building thus empire, I am the EMPEROR.


“Not so fast and potent now, an EMPEROR, now that is a seth if not profound self disciplinary position and role. You are of that essence, can you be the example?”

Yes, even through fear, even in all this which is, I am strong. I am building my Empire, thy put together the foundation to which I plant the seed. The seed will grow into the structure of the order, it to shall fruit and branch off of one another.


“You are clever, do you not know thy shadow. Do you not know your inner workings, have you been loyal, yes. You do as the inner working have written. You do that, you will reap rewards, it is not time of play, you have work to do, plenty.”

What is it you so indicate father?



“I weep not for you, but for what is to come. You cannot go back, if you surrender to your purpose, you will not make it. I weep because I know, I know so well that this purpose, in this lifetime, is one of thy shadow through the exit, you must embrace your shadow so that you may heal.”leahmia0043da

What is it that I need healing. Father I have healed.


“The outer workings of the external lie and continue to confuse you, you are not blind. I took you up with me so that you can remember. You have not, It is not expected, not unexpected. Choose wisely at love, unconditional love. This is your last chance at love, so choose wisely. The set one and the scorn one. You will know for it is of the inner workings that must be learned. Joyful or not, you must obtain. I must deliver you to which you chose to consolidate your workings, you may go from there. We are always watching you.”